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Carpe Foot Applicator

Designed for ideal application without needing to clean your hands.

  • Keeps Hands Clean
  • Washes easily
  • Pleasant Application
  • Eliminates Waste
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How to Use

Wear the Carpe Foot Applicator on your forefingers. Apply Carpe Foot Antiperspirant either directly onto your feet, or onto the applicator. Rub the Carpe in with the applicator for about 15 seconds. Rinse the applicator with warm water and leave out to dry.

Step 1
Carpe foot 1

Wash and dry your feet

Step 2
Carpe foot 2

Apply a dime sized amount of Carpe Foot Antiperspirant to the sole of each foot

Step 3
Carpe foot 3

Rub in vigorously with the applicator for 15 seconds

Step 4
Carpe foot 4

Live A Sweat-Free Life - Enjoy the sweat relief that Carpe provides

The applicator can be used with any Carpe product

Product Description

Tired of getting Carpe on your hands when all you're trying to do is apply it to your feet?

Our foot applicator is here to save the day! This unique silicone pad slips right onto your fingers, allowing you to rub Carpe Foot Antiperspirant into all the hard-to-reach nooks of your feet, while keeping your fingers completely clean.

It easily rinses clean.

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